We're happy to be part of the new compliation from At Sea Compilations.

Have an ear full of the new Night Vibes Compilation: 2 hours of han picked Futurepop, EBM and Synthwave.

Irrlicht's contribution to the compilation is our new and current single: "Neuland".

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Since 16th April you can find the music clip of "Neuland" on our YouTube channel .

Don't forget to subscribe to the channel & leave your comment.


Our new album "PATIENCE" is out now!


Get it in our shop while stock lasts!


Did you already have a chance to listen into our teaser for the upcoming new album "Patience"?


Those of you who want to secure themself a physical copy of the album in form of a CD can pre-order as from now in the shop. A limited nuber of copies will be made available.


The DARK MALTA Festival has been shifted to the later in the year . New dates are 27./28. November 2020.


IRRLICHT will perform on Saturday 28. November.


The DARK MALTA Festival has been shifted to the later in the year . New dates are 27./28. November 2020.


IRRLICHT will perform on Saturday 28. November.


Our new album "Patience" will be released on April 17th, 2020 at the DARK MALTA Festival.

More information about this 13-track album will follow soon!


Did you all start well into the new year?

Also from IRRLICHT’s side, we wish you only the very best!

What's next for IRRLICHT in 2020:


As already posted, we will be performing live at the "DARK MALTA Festival" on April 18th.

More information on their event page:



It is our goal to arrive at the festival with our new album in our bags.

The recordings have long been completed and we are currently only still concerned with "homeopathic finesse" of the production.


We will primarily offer the album - title to be revealed later - digitally.

A small, limited number of CDs will be available exclusively in the shop on our website or at our concerts.


We will take over the production, sales and distribution, and publish under our own label.


We look forward to an exciting new year with you!

Daniela, Markus, Renato, Hombi & Team


Photo: Roland H. Schenker, pictureinterceptor.ch


We thank you for the evening yesterday in the



Thanks go to the Spellbound team, the Musigburg crew,

the very nice guys from "We are Waves", the hardworking

helpers of our band, and last but not least to all visitors who came to the event.


It was a lot of fun for us! Thank you very much!


Here is the set list of yesterdays concert:


Requiem (unreleased)
La Gamine
Les jeux sont faits (unreleased)
In die Nacht
Verblendung (unreleased)
Neuland (unreleased)
La piece (unreleased)
Createurs divins (unreleased)
Dans ce miroir
Wiedersehen (unreleased)


Concert Aarburg 6.12.2019

Doors: 21.00 h
Concert "Irrlicht": 21.30 h
Concert "We are waves": 22.45
followed by an aftershow party

IRRLICHT at the "Dark Malta Festival 2020"

IRRLICHT is very happy to be part of the “DARK MALTA Festival” next April.

The following bands will be on stage April 17-18: Covenant, Mono Inc., Solar Fake, Alien Vampires, Nachtmahr, She Past Away, Leather Strip, System Noire and many more.


The IRRLICHT concert is planned for Saturday April 18. More details and information will follow!

Markus Nauli c/o Irrlicht, Dorfstrasse 13b, CH-8967 Widen

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