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With "Feuerkind", Irrlicht presents the 13th studio album in the band's 27-year history in 2023:

After the band released the previous album "Patience" practically at the beginning of the pandemic, the work on a successor started soon afterwards.

After more than 3 years of production, a new, multifaceted work from the IRRLICHT universe has been created.

The 9 new, self-contained songs reflect the musical and lyrical diversity of the Swiss-German Darkwave group, which are rounded off by 3 additional remixes.


Be it the profound "Voyageurs du temps", the cynically over-the-top "Überfluss", the glassy, fragile "Glacier", or the dreamy "Sternentaucher": the new album "Feuerkind" will occupy an extremely important place in the long existance of IRRLICHT.



  • Lemuria

  • La Paix en Moi (Perfection) *

  • Voyageurs Du Temps

  • Sternentaucher

  • Respire

  • Überfluss

  • Feuerkind

  • Glacier

  • Verbrannte Erde


  • Voyageurs Du Temps (Traveller Remix)

  • Pygmalion (Iluan Remix)

  • Sterntaucher (Cephalgy Remix)


* Interpretation of Beyond Border's « Perfection»


Irrlicht are:

Daniela Dietz, Markus Nauli, Renato Kienberger, Marc Homberger

Production & Compositions:

Markus Nauli


Daniela Dietz, Markus Nauli



Renato Kienberger, Markus Nauli


Audio mastering:

Tom Meyer (Master & Servant, Hamburg)



First, "Feuerkind" will be released purely digitally and will be available from May 19 on all known online platforms (Itunes, Spotify, Bandcamp, etc.). The album will then later also be available on CD in strictly limited quantities. The limited edition contains only 100 pieces, each copy is numbered.

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