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Release "Feuerkind"

On May 19th, we finally released our latest album.

The 12 tracks are now available on our website as CDs or in digital form. You can also purchase the album on all the usual digital platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp, etc.

At this point, the band would like to thank the many helpers who have been working behind the scenes in the past weeks, making today's release possible. Special thanks go to Beyond Border for the incredibly beautiful instrumental of "La Paix En Moi" (Perfection), Jörg from Cephalgy for the fantastic remix of "Sternentaucher." Also, to the helpers and contributors of the music video "Voyageurs Du Temps": Ralph, Siro, & Tom, and of course, my great love Isa, who always supports me so wonderfully (and sometimes "endures" as well).

Thank you for the support over the past months (and years) to Mäke from XTRA, Martin Portmann from the Spellbound Team, Rene from the Dark Malta Festival. We also bow to Tom & Katja from Mastering & Servant for the excellent work and support.

Markus, on behalf of Daniela, Hombi & Renato.

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