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THE Band

IRRLICHT - the discreet, puristic band from Switzerland, was founded in 1996 with the aim to set literary texts and poems to music. After the turn of the millennium, the quartet slightly shifted towards electronic darkwave and cool electro pop, alternating with romantic song hooks and deep, catchy tunes.


The band around the former Illuminate band members Markus Nauli and Daniela Dietz in the meantime excel on 13 releases with spherical, dreamy melodies, sparkling piano sounds and broad keyboard carpets, paired with the classically trained voice of front singer Daniela.


The multi-layered songs by IRRLICHT tell stories in French and German, which are mostly characterized by their own experiences and emotions. Entertaining, honest and touching songs, which do not necessarily need vigorous voices, excessive tempos, unnecessary hardness and superficial platitudes - a must for fans of electronic, catchy music with a never-ending wonderful change in lightness and depth.


In 2015, a diagnosis of cancer with Daniela shook the bands structure and the future of IRRLICHT was more than uncertain. Recordings for the follow-up album had to be stopped for the lengthy and tedious cancer therapy phase. After the successful treatment, the band decided to shorten the waiting time for a new album and released a 7-track mini-album “Bleiben – Werden”. This album then also mainly reflected the gratitude for life and creative work, based on events from the recent past in an impressive way.


The albums "Près du miroir" from 2014 as well as "Bleiben – Werden" from 2017, received top marks both inside and outside the scene. With the single releases "Dans Ce Miroir" and "La Gamine” the band managed to plant themselves into the German Alternative Single Charts (DAC) for several weeks.


With the last IRRLICHT album "Patience", which was released in 2020, the band again succeeded to transform very personal and profound experiences of more than 24 years of band-history in their very own way, into a musical piece of art. 

Since the band, together with the rest of the whole music industry, was not just sitting in a dark corner waiting for better times during the pandemic period, new material straight from the IRRLICHT-factory can be expected rather sooner than later. If you can't wait for the new album: Some of the new songs can already be heard at their 2022 shows.

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