Upcoming dates:


Dark Malta Festival April 16-18, 2021

The Irrlicht concert will take place on

Saturday April 17th 2020


Past performances/concerts

6th December 2019 Musigburg, CH-Aarburg )

15th December 2018
Sounds from the heart Festival 2018
Dynamo Zürich
Irrlicht & Saigon Blue Rain & No More

4th February 2017
Dynamo Werk 21
Noxiris-Event mit Last Leaf Down - Irrlicht - Nine Seconds
plus Party

4th February 2015
X-Tra Zürich (Podium)
More Than Mode

30th October 2013
X-Tra Zürich (Podium)
More Than Mode

18th August 2012
Werk 21, Zürich
Noxiris Events together with 19 Seconds & Bak XIII

19th March 2011
Eisstadion Dübendorf
Schwarz-Eis, concert with SITD

11th September 2009
Z7 Pratteln
Support of Lacrimosa

9th January 2009
Dynamo Zürich
10 years Irrlicht-on-stage

5th July 2008, 20:00
Dark Green Festival, Regensburg (D)

24th May 2008 Swiss Gothic Night
Thun (CH) Presented by "Die Stille"

12th January 2008 Galvanik,
Zug (CH) Support of Zeraphine, Powered by Schwarzenacht.ch

21st March 2007 Palais X-Tra (Podium),
Zürich (CH) Presented by X-Tra

14th April 2007 Arts de Lombre,
Nancy (F) Concert together with Troika

2nd December 2006 Sedel
Luzern (CH) Twin-Concert with F.A.Q

14th October 2006 Alte Kaserne
Winterthur (CH) Presented by Endstation

30th April 2005 Palais X-Tra Zürich
Zürich (CH) Support of Deine Lakaien

28th August 2004 Goth-Hard Festival, Gotthardpass (CH)
Festival, presented by Divus Modus

17th April 2004 Endstation,Winterthur (CH)

16th April 2004 Altes Kino, Mels (CH)
Support of Nuuk

1st May 2003 Abart, Zürich (CH)
Support of Mila Mar

26th December 2002 Spot, Erfurt (D)
Support of Illuminate

25th December 2002 Werk II, Leipzig (D)
Support of Illuminate

9th November 2002 Sedel, Luzern (CH)

7th June 2002 Dynamo Kellertheater, Zürich
Support of Gezeiten

20th December 2001 Abart, Zürich (CH)
Support of Mila Mar

3rd November Grabenhalle, St.Gallen (CH)
Support of Nuuk

29th October 2001 Zodiac, Zürich

13th October 2001 Kraftfeld, Winterthur (CH)
Support of Der Eremit


3rd June 2001 Wave Gothic Treffen, Parkbühne, Leipzig

24th February 2001 Gladhouse, Cottbus (D)
Support of Illuminate

Alarm,Zwickau (D)
Support of Illuminate

22nd February 2001 Kassablanca, Jena (D)
Support of Illuminate

22nd October 2001 Universal Dog, Lahr (D)
Support of Illuminate

25th January 2001 Abart, New Swiss Waves, Zürich (CH)

1st July 2000 Gothicworld-Festival, Neuss (D)

9th April 2000 Universal Dog, Lahr (D)
Support of Mila Mar

8th April 2000 Sedel, Luzern (CH)
Act with Succubus & Seducced

1st May 1999 Gaswerk, Winterthur (CH)

9th January 1999 Dynamo, Kellertheater, Zürich (CH)
Support of Leib & Seele


Markus Nauli c/o Irrlicht, Dorfstrasse 13b, CH-8967 Widen

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